Eye Treatments



The NEW CACI Eye Revive treatment form CACI SYNERGY uses micro-current to gently tighten and tone sagging muscles around the eye area, whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
The treatment uses serum filled CACI micro-current eye rollers to infuse the CACI Eye Revive serum deep into the skin, to reduce puffiness and dark circles. The deeply nourishing Hydro Eye Mask is then applied to soothe the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
• Soothes tired & puffy eyes.
• Combats dark circles.
• Reduces fine lines & wrinkles.
• Lifts hooded eyes.
Time: 30 Minutes - Cost: €65
Course of 6 €325

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Eyelash Tint
Enhances blond and dark lashes.
Cost: €20

Anne McDevitt Beauty Therapy

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint
Cost: €30
Anne McDevitt Beauty Therapy
Eyebrow Wax
Brows are very important to define the face and lift the eyes. Well-groomed brows provide a framework for the face. Ask for a plan help you to re-grow and reshape your natural brows to suit the frame of your face.
Cost: €16

Anne McDevitt Beauty Therapy

Eyebrow Trim
Cost: €14

Anne McDevitt Beauty Therapy

Eyebrow Tint
Even the best brows have gaps –a skilled brow specialist can give you a fuller more youthful brow; for all ages.
Cost: €15

Anne McDevitt Beauty Therapy

Eyelash, EyeBrow Tint and Trim
Cost: €45