With celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore and Kim Kardashian waxing lyrical about the age- defying properties of Microneedling it’s becoming difficult to ignore this multifunctional treatment

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The Debs: Ultimate Skin Prep

By Admin | July 13, 2017

The Debs! What to wear, which makeup tutorial to copy? From eyeshadow colour, to the choice of foundation to use, the dress, the tux! We can get ourselves in a right state wondering how we’re going to pull it off.

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Ranging from searing pain and scarring to it simply not working – but as an avid hair remover, I was extremely curious about laser hair removal – and ever since starting using it, I will never go back.

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Skin Bio-Diversity

By Admin | June 21, 2017

With over 3,000 people from across the world becoming Irish citizens this year we are increasingly a multi-cultural nation. This has created not only a demand for more diverse skincare products that address different skin types, but it…

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Thanks Dad!

By Admin | June 14, 2017

This Sunday June 18th is Father’s Day and – the perfect day just to say thanks. Whether the Dad in your life is a skincare aficionado, or he doesn’t know his cleansers from his shaving foam, we have just the right answer for you.

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The Big Spritz

By Admin | June 6, 2017

If you work in an office, and most of us do, you will experience varying degrees of cold and warm drying air depending on the season – air conditioning can be a blessing and a curse! Unfortunately, this will impact your skin.

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The beauty industry can no doubt be a fickle one with the next ‘big thing’ being launched every other week. The reality is, it can be hard to keep up with and it is hard to know which one to put your trust in, never mind your hard earned cash.

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By Admin | May 23, 2017

French women seem to approach beauty differently to us, the main tenet of French beauty seems to be their calm resilience in the face of ageing. They tend to approach beauty, health and fashion in a relaxed manner. They eat well, indulge a little and seem to have a balance in their lives that Irish women crave.

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By Admin | May 9, 2017

The month of May signals the beginning of Summer and if this weather is anything to judge by we’re in for a good one. Getting the balance right between a healthy dose of sunshine and a skin damaging session can depend on age appropriate sun care.

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